"Our mission is to provide advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology and other areas
that will enable them to best serve the nation and to become one of the forefront centres of learning, teaching and research."

The purpose of the Rudra ITDC is to create a just, humane, and sustainable world through education.

To provide qualitative, relevant and effective education to the youth enabling them to compete in the present business world and to shape students into world-class management professionals of tomorrow who would strive to enhance the quality of life.

To impart to its student's high-quality education, develop their skills, broaden their mental horizon, and nurture them into competent & talented professionals to meet the challenges of the new millennium.

Bring together the creativity and zeal of rural and urban students to become successful professionals through imparting world class quality education.

We Motivate the students to realize their own potential, analytical and ethical capabilities by using the latest modern infrastructure facility on campus to become globally competitive engineers and worthy citizen of this great country, India.

  • To establish a technology incubation centre, software development park and entrepreneurship cell training facility.

  • To strengthen ties with industries, professional societies, accrediting bodies and statutory authorities that share common goals and responsibilities.

  • To establish a campus for international students in academic collaboration with globally acclaimed premier institutions.

  • To provide state-of-the-art facilities for all facets of professional training.

  • To improve the work culture and develop a congenial organisational set-up.

 "Our Values are Teamwork, Best Conduct, Transparency, and Highest Standards."  


ADVANCING focuses on Rudra ITDC's progressive, optimistic and purposeful approach as it looks
to the future and in making trust, quality, integrity and excellence hallmarks of the way we do business.

RudraITDC has a Vission of development & wellness of all category of People, Persons, Youths, Children & Changing the Positions of women in Society. For Developing The Label of social positions of backward people & to progress the lifestyle, our society also running social awaereness , & technical training programs.

This is a fact, that we are also trying to establish, model public school, girls inter college, Girls degree College for providing better education and technologies.

We aim to provide the full facility for their personality development and train them to be successful professionals as well as wealth creators for the country by enhancing their knowledge base, confidence and creativity for achieving the effective results.

We dedicate ourselves to achieve high academic and ethical standard of our students.

We offer programs and resources designed to train, educate, and inspire people to become humane educators and changemakers, and to live with compassion and integrity while working to solve the most pressing challenges of our time.

  • To be a provider of globally-competitive proficient professionals.

  • To nurture and sustain academic excellence, programmed to promote innovation, scholarship and abilities to analyse, experiment and synthesize.

  • To foster academic-industry/professional synergies and to forge strategic alliances for greater upward mobility.

  • To import need-based education and create an ethos for research of relevance.

  • To contribute to the social and industrial development of the region.

 "Our Values are Teamwork, Best Conduct, Transparency, and Highest Standards."